Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and protect the long term viability of our client's practices.


Our Philosopy

Medical practices are small businesses. While every practice is unique, all practices share common business activites, requirements and challenges. Our objective is is to leverage common capabilities across all of our customer's practices. We pursue our objective by helping you optimize a multi-faceted management approach through an ongoing cycle of implementation, review and iteration. If that means helping you develop new in-house capabilities for your practice, we do it. If it means providing direct services (e.g. billing, clerical hiring), we'll do it. If it means outsourcing, we'll manage it. medical business activities, rules and requiments, access to local vendors, expertise with specific software and a lot of general business experience.

Still, every practice's operation evolves to reflect the preferences and personalities of its owners. Standardization has its limits, and standard operating practices aren't always optimal. Our goal is to help you establish the best possible results within your comfort zone. We're committed to finding dramatic improvements to your practice in the context of your comfort zone and without draconian service cuts. In the end, results come from understanding small business operations, understanding your goals, knowing your local marketplace, benchmarking and constant new learning.


Why It Works

Think Amazon.com: it's more efficient to service demand from one location than from many. We perform the like activities of many practices in a single location with and perform them with one well-designed resource set. By aggregating the service requirements of many practices, we create scale. Scale opens the door to hundreds of improvements that no single practice could make on its own. It creates opportunities to pool capacity, increase manpower utilization, share learning and improve work processes. Better work flows make for improved service qaulity and easier management. Read more.

Scale also gives us a bigger footprint in the business community. We know more. We hear more. We're closer to the center of things. Vendors try harder, price better and work harder to deliver services. Banking becomes easier. Strategic alliances become more likely. Productive Practices' only job is to package these advantages into better business for our clients.


Our Service Constraints

Productive Practices billing, coding and medical authorization services are currnently available to practices that use EPIC, eClinicalWorks and AllScripts EMRs.


We're rebuilding our website. Sorry ... some of our links don't work yet. Look for the finished product Mid-June 2014.

New Haven Meeting Space!

Our new conference space is great for meetings, depositions and classes. Rent it by the hour or day. Facilities include video conferencing, HD TV, computers, copy & fax, kitchen and beverage service. An on-site Notary Public is available. Email Monica Hamdan or call (203) 617-0693 to schedule your meeting.



Our billing & coding specialists are certified for ICD-10. Your providers might not be. We can help . Contact us about ICD-10.

An EPIC Opportunity

Yale Health used scores of temporary contractors to implement Epic in its hospitals and clinics. Some were experts. Some of the best are working with us. If your struggling with business, technical or reporting aspects of EPIC, we can help.

The WebArt Gallery

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