Accounting & Finance

Productive Practices offers full-service bookkeeping, direct financing and loan facilitation.


Direct Financing

Productive Practices makes 5-figure loans to select customers with fair credit or better. Most of our loans last 2-3 years. We limit aggregate loan amounts to $100,000 per client. Most of our direct loans finance equipment, physical expansion or service line expansion. It's cheaper, easier and faster than leasing. There are no loan origination or finance fees. There are no lengthy application or documentation processes given access to your books. Attorney's fees apply when where special contracts are required.


Loan Facilitation

Productive Practices maintains relationships with local banks, leasing companies and private lenders. If you're practice needs to borrow money or restructure debt, we can help you find an appropriate lender. We'll work with your accountant. We'll complete the necessary applications, financial documents and paperwork. We'll make sure you get competitive loan rates. You'll never have to leave your office.


We're rebuilding our website. Sorry ... some of our links don't work yet. Look for the finished product Mid-June 2014.

New Haven Meeting Space!

Our new conference space is great for meetings, depositions and classes. Rent it by the hour or day. Facilities include video conferencing, HD TV, computers, copy & fax, kitchen and beverage service. An on-site Notary Public is available. Email Monica Hamdan or call (203) 617-0693 to schedule your meeting.



Our billing & coding specialists are certified for ICD-10. Your providers might not be. We can help . Contact us about ICD-10.

An EPIC Opportunity

Yale Health used scores of temporary contractors to implement Epic in its hospitals and clinics. Some were experts. Some of the best are working with us. If your struggling with business, technical or reporting aspects of EPIC, we can help.

The WebArt Gallery

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