Our Hands-On Philosophy
In 2008, Productive Practices stopped consulting and started doing. Working closely with our clients, we began to assume direct management responsibilities for projects and administraive tasks. Clients liked the results our new approach produced ... so we expanded. Today, Productive Practices provides a full menu of management, administrative and entrepreneurial services for private medical practices. You own your practice. You set the tone. We'll help you run your practice better, faster and cheaper then you thought possible.

How much better? Expect a 7% reduction in expenses within 90 days. 15-20% at the end of one year. A 2% revenue bump from your current patient base. Greater economies of scale and scope. Shorter learning curves, better follow-up and smoother, more efficient operations. Improved HR and tax compliance. Increased adaptability to change. Reduced stress. Happier patients. Contact us now.


Why It Works
Think Amazon.com: it's more efficient to service demand from one location than from many. We perform the like activities of many practices in a single location with and perform them with one well-designed resource set. By aggregating the service requirements of many practices, we create scale. Scale opens the door to hundreds of improvements that no single practice could make on its own. It creates opportunities to pool capacity, increase manpower utilization, share learning and improve work processes. Better work flow makes for improved service qaulity and easier management. Read more.


Our Staff
Productive Practices staff members average 10+ years of experience in their specialties. Their certifications, degrees and references go well beyond typical private practice hiriing requirments. What does that mean for you? Consistent, high quality performance and excellent customer service. Don't take our word for it: Read our customers' comments.


About Ownership
Managing Partner Bob Kesselman founded Productive Practices in 2007. Bob holds an MBA from the Yale School of Organization and Management (1991). He's held P&L responsibilities in organizations of 15 - 300 people and $2M - $150M in sales. His entrepreneurial experience spans 30+ years.


What Can We Do?
Almost anything you can't, shouldn't, or don't want to do on the business side of your practice. A short list follows. See the menus at left for more.

• Managing Go-Live with YNHH/Epic
• Negotiating contracts & leases
• Financing equipment purchases
• Opening, closing & relocating offices
• Redesigning workflows
• Managing Go-Live with eClinicalWorks
• Establishing high complexity POC labs
• Conducting anti-fraud and theft audits
• Eradicating false & malicious web posts
• Editing & submitting academic papers



We're rebuilding our website. Sorry ... some of our links don't work yet. Look for the finished product Mid-June 2014.

New Haven Meeting Space!

Our new conference space is great for meetings, depositions and classes. Rent it by the hour or day. Facilities include video conferencing, HD TV, computers, copy & fax, kitchen and beverage service. An on-site Notary Public is available. Email Monica Hamdan or call (203) 617-0693 to schedule your meeting.



Our billing & coding specialists are certified for ICD-10. Your providers might not be. We can help . Contact us about ICD-10.

An EPIC Opportunity

Yale Health used scores of temporary contractors to implement Epic in its hospitals and clinics. Some were experts. Some of the best are working with us. If your struggling with business, technical or reporting aspects of EPIC, we can help.

The WebArt Gallery

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